Our Support Group Meetings This August

Support Groups 28 July 2022

Here you can find all the support group meetings we are holding through the month of August, We are holding 10 groups this month, all of which will be taking place online. 

Our Groups This Month:
  • Tuesday 2nd (7pm - 8pm) - LVNC
  • Thursday 4th (7pm-8pm) - Loved Ones
  • Friday 5th (12pm-1.30pm) - Advanced Heart Failure
  • Tuesday 9th (2pm-3pm) - DCM
  • Tuesday 9th (7pm onwards) - Coffee & Catch Up: Evening Edition
  • Saturday 13th (10am-12pm) - West London
  • Tuesday 16th (2pm - 3pm) - HCM
  • Friday 19th (12pm - 1.30pm) - Advanced Heart Failure
  • Tuesday 23rd (2pm - 3pm) - Atrial Fibrillation
  • Friday 26th (2pm - 3.30pm) - Self-Care & Management of Heart Failure
We also have coffee and catch up every Friday at 2pm!

To join a support group this month, book here, or contact Christie, our Community Peer Support Manager at christie.jones@cardiomyopathy.org.

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